A little help from my friends

I have been with my husband for almost eleven years.  In eleven years I have never used Velveta cheese.  Mostly because he always says he doesn't like cheese (unless it's on a quesadilla, or in lasagna, or a caprese salad, or a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich...but he doesn't like cheese).  However, lately I've been dying to use Velveta.  But what to do?  I want suggestions.  Recipe ideas PLEASE. Be advised, my husband won't eat cheese on a burger so leave those suggestions out.  Other then that I'm open to ideas.  I'd love to hear some vegetarian ideas also.  Oh, and while I am at it, he won't eat beans, so a chili or bean dip won't work either.  Please help me, before I drive myself crazier.

Thank you!