Chicken Quesidillas/Enchiladas

Chicken quesidillas/enchiladas (this is seriously so basic but really wows people for some reason)
the basis of what goes inside is this
Chicken. Now this is your preference. My husband ONLY eats dark meat. whatever I prefer white. Anyway if your going to do white meat (much easier) you will use boneless skinless chicken breast.

1- package boneless skinless chicken breast
1/2 white onion
1 large can green enchilada sauce (found in any Mexican isle of the grocery store)
2 cloves garlic
Cheese (again preference my husband prefers mozzarella, I like yellow but I like how the mozzarella melts)
Tortilla shells (for the quesadilla buy flour burrito size, for the enchilada buy white corn)

Cut chicken into bite size cubes and throw in frying pan with enough oil to coat the bottom, chop up the onions so they are bite size (doesn't matter how they look no one will see em!), toss em in the pan, take whole cloves of garlic, lay on cutting board turn knife so that the whole blade is flat on the board, lift above garlic and whack! Wala you've peeled your garlic. Chop em up and toss in the pan with salt and pepper. Saute till done and pour in half can of sauce. let simmer for about five minutes.

For Quesidillas
In large frying pan put flour tortilla in bottom of pan, add layer of cheese to one half of tortilla, followed by layer of meat and then top with cheese, fold and cook on low to medium low till outside is crispy. Thats it your done! Serve with sour cream and salsa.

For Enchiladas.
Microwave shells for about 30 seconds and keep moist towel around em. Pour remaining green sauce (from one can) in a bowl (for this one I always get two cans). Take corn tortilla and dunk in sauce till coated (this helps them crack a little less). Put in bottom of Pyrex baking dish like 9x13ish or whatever you have that is a glass baking dish lay flat in dish put enough meat mixture to fill center of tortilla add some cheese, roll it up and place seem side down
repeat till you run out of room. Pour other can of sauce on top of enchiladas till mostly covered. Smother the rest in cheese and bake at 450 for about 15 minutes just to melt all the cheese.

Now this can also be covered this way and taken to a friend or refrigerated for another night. If it is refrigerated you will need to cook it longer since the meat will be cold.

I like to top with sour cream, green chilles, and olives (all out of a can cuz I be ghetto like that) and some salsa.

My recipe does not include beans because my husband won't eat them. However if you like them you can add some black and red beans to the chicken mixture. Also if you are a vegetarian you can throw the beans in a bowl, with some sauce, onion and garlic and microwave it for about 5 minutes till its hot and make either of these meals with that for a vegetarian version.


angie said...

oh my god this is an ingenious site!!! This sounds yummy and Dave and I are having it for dinner on Monday! Seriously this is a fantastic blog for someone that is a retard in the kitchen like myself!

Anonymous said...

Ditto here! I'm making this on Wednesday!