Turkey gravy that will knock your socks off

I must be drunk on coffee right now because as a general rule of thumb I sooo don't give out my super uber awesome recipes because then you know, you might out do me or something, but this shit is so good you get to have it so, yeah, here, next year go be a star!

1- bag of turkey ummm innards
1- turkey neck
1- box chicken stock
5- chicken bouillon cubes
11- cups water
about 1/4 cup turkey drippings, the fatty ones
2/3's cup flour
1 stick butter
lotta pepper
pinch salt

Pour about 6 cups of water in a pan over medium high heat (high enough for a small boil) add innards and neck and bouillon cubes and some pepper. Boil until liquid reduces by half and add in half of chicken stock. Continue boiling until you've used all the stock. At the end I start adding a cup of water here and there so I keep a decent amount of gravy I think I made about 8-10 cups total (this is never enough, in my house there is never enough gravy). Anyway I basically cook this for as long as I cook the turkey. After the first two hours I just let it simmer and add broth or water as it evaporates. Right before the turkey is done I strain out all the parts and leave in the tiny bits. I pour the liquid into a bowl and over high heat I melt the butter and combine it with the fatty drippings, then I add in the flour making a roux. I whisk that until it turns a golden brown and pour the gravy liquid back in and whisk on high heat with remaining pepper and salt until it boils and starts to thicken. Then I reduce to low and keep stirring until serving time. If it is too thin I pour it back out and make a second roux. If it is too thick I keep about a cup of stock left over to thin it out with.

This shit will blow your mind!

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