Death on toast...errrm I mean Fried egg sammich

I had every intention of making a delicious Croque Madame for my husband this morning. However, I know he hates fork and knife sandwiches, and last time he said it was too messy for his taste. So I made the same thing only all inside the bread. This is a sandwich made with love. This isn't some wonder bread packaged ham sandwich, you have to plan to make this, and want to treat your taste buds!

2 slices fresh sour dough bread
3 slices mozzarella cheese (I had this fresh sliced at the deli)
4 slices Fresh shaved honey ham (you know off the ham that looks like ham, not off the ham that looks like a loaf of pink weirdness)
2 eggs
*Yields one sandwich, double this if you want to make two sammies!

Butter the outsides of your bread*. In non stick skillet on medium low, place ham in pan and brown it to develop sugar in it. While your ham is browning slather both inside slices of bread with mayo**. Place one slice of cheese on one piece of bread (I broke mine in half and did it sideways, that isn't two slices). When your ham is done place it on top of the cheese and cover with second layer of cheese. Fry your two eggs keeping yolks soft and gooey inside***. Place both eggs on top of your cheese and top with more cheese. Put your second slice of bread on top with mayo inside. Melt butter in your pan and place your sammich carefully inside to fry on low heat, just enough to melt the cheese and brown up your bread. Carefully flip and brown on the other side. Cut in half and enjoy the gooey goodness!

*Real butter not margarine
**They mayo will not melt inside or turn oily. Before you assume you hate this just try the damn mayo inside, I promise you will love it!
***unless you like em over cooked then whatever do it that way, but it takes the fun out of dunking your sandwich int he broken yolk

See it starting to brown. Notice that is real ham, like actual honey ham off a big ole hunk of ham (I went to the deli counter for this and asked for just enough ham for my sammich, to ensure fresh ham).

A perfectly over easy egg

Seriously aren't you starving now.

Definition of Croque Madam & Croque Monsieur

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