Tomatillo Chicken

(I know the pic is unappetizing but it is sooooo tasty)

**This meal can also be made in the crock pot, simply throw everything in the crock pot after you have blended your veggies and cook on low for 8 hours.

4 pieces bone in chicken
2 Tsp ground coriander seed
2 pinch crushed red pepper flake
1 pinch cayenne (more if you like it hot)
3 cups of chicken stock (won't use it all)
9 tomatillos rough chopped
1 medium yellow onion rough chopped
7 cloves garlic cracked
1 tbsp salt + 1/8 tsp salt
1 tbsp pepper + 1 tsp pepper
1-3 pasillo peppers (depending on your heat level)
olive oil
Shredded mozzarella for topping

Season chicken with 1/8 tsp salt & 1 tsp pepper, and olive oil. Coat large, deep sauté pan with oil. Cook chicken on medium high heat and flip halfway through. While chicken is cooking dice up onions, garlic and tomatillos and place in food processor or blender with salt, pepper, cayenne, crushed red pepper and coriander. If you need liquid add 1/2 cup of your chicken stock. Blend until ingredients are combined and are about salsa consistency. Turn on broiler, or if you have a gas stove turn that on, and place your peppers on the flame to char the skin, rotating to char all sides. When peppers are charred place them in a paper sack and close it to allow the skin to steam off and loosen. After about 10 minutes remove peppers an scrape most of the char off with the back of a knife. Cut off the tops and dice your peppers (I left the seeds in this is a pretty mild pepper). When chicken is about 2/3 of the way done, remove it from the pan and drain out all oil and fat. Pour in your tomatillo mixture and bring it to a boil. Add chicken back in and cook over medium until chicken is done. If your sauce is too thick add more chicken stock half a cup at a time. As it cooks the sauce will reduce and you will need more chicken stock. Throw in your chopped up peppers and stir. Cook until the juices in the chicken run clear when you cut into it. Top with mozzarella and serve.

I think cooking it in the crock pot would develop the flavor of the tomatillo much better, but if your in a pinch for time doing it this way works great. If you do it in the crock pot add in all 3 cups of your chicken stock as it will reduce down.

(Skip this step for crock pots)

At this point pour all of this, and your chicken in the crock pot. (you will want to prepare your peppers at this point so they can be in the crock pot and flavor your sauce more.)

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