We want YOU to help

If you have noticed our posting slow down it is because we have run out of things to try. Lately we find ourselves making the same ole thing which makes it hard to post on here, because you don't want to see the same thing twenty different times. It is obvious that Lisa has run out of things to cook for dinner which is why she is drowning her sorrows in sugary sweets. And since my waist line can't handle anymore of her uber sweet recipes and I just plane have cookers blog over here we need some ideas. Is there something you would like us to make? Do you have a favorite recipe that you would like us to make and post on here? Are you looking for an event specific meal? ANYTHING. Really give us anything and we will make it, or figure out how, or burn it, or...well either way you will get photos and some laughs right?

Starting now please submit any and all requests. Then Lisa and I can argue over who makes what!


Anonymous said...

We always struggle with appetizers (warm especially), something quick and easy so we can stray from the typical cheese & crackers routine.

Mango dip...my cousin can't find the recipe and its killing me...it was perfect for tortilla chips.

recipe with Black beans

Hope that helps ;)

Still thinking of those peanut butter cookies...YUM YUM YUM

Anonymous said...
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misguidedmommy said...

Alright Patty challenge taken..does your mango dip have beans in it? I found one that does

Anonymous said...
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~ said...

How about making a weekly challenge between you all using a strange or/and ordinary ingredient like tator tots or leeks. Whatever you guys like then finding really yummy recipes for it.