Cleaning it up around here

I guess it's time to discuss this here also.  You may have noticed I've been posting moderately healthier recipes lately.  There is a reason.  In the last seventeen months I've been making a change.  When I started this blog I had just had my second son.  I had lost a ton of weight breastfeeding and I really had no concept of health and nutrition.  I spent the next six years slowly gaining weight, until I reached a peak documented weight of 198 pounds.  March 25th 2013 I joined a gym.  August 2013 I got a trainer.  January 2014 I made a choice to try clean eating.  I haven't really looked back.  I have lost 55 pounds and 10% body fat.  I've cleaned up my kids eating.  I've tried to clean up my husbands eating.  I read food labels. I don't use processed foods. I don't use anything with red 40 or high fructose corn syrup.  My childrens snacks went from junk food to a healthy snack box with a hard boiled egg, nitrate free meat, organic cheese and fresh fruit.  Their breakfasts are almost always home made and I try hard to cook balanced flavorful dinners. I want them to learn now to eat good wholesome foods.  My oldest son is now running three miles and he feels great.

The fact remains that I cannot go through this change and then come here and post a bunch of crap food.  I can't motivate people to continue eating bad foods.  I cannot advocate chemical dyes, boxed food, processed foods, shortcut recipes full of toxins, or food with zero nutritional value. I will not promote an unhealthy lifestyle anymore.  My goal here is to be one of those food bloggers who provides recipes that look incredible, taste incredible and are good fuel for your body.  I see so many food blogs now that are "homemade" blogs yet the recipes are a box of cake mix, a can of soda, and a can of processed fruit.  This is not HOMEMADE.  This is not fuel for your body.  This is a lazy way of making a meal.  Packaged sauce packets can be made from scratch.  Boxed cake mix is a cop out.  Flour, sugar, butter, and baking powder are not difficult to use.  Processed canned cake frosting is offensive to me.  I spent two straight years baking for a professional caterer here in my town.  What I can do with some butter, or heavy cream as a frosting is mind blowing.  I will share some of that with you again, and I promise you will never eat canned frosting again.

 I still make desserts, I still fry stuff, but....it's in a better way.  I don't make dessert out of a box or a can anymore, I make it with fresh ingredients the right way.  I'm going to do my best to keep posting healthier recipes, some might be clean, some might be vegan, some might be protein shakes I make in the morning.  Who knows.  Either way, I figured I should explain the change in posting here.  I hope you all stay on board as I clean up my act!

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