My husband has informed my the picture of my Hawaiian chicken isn't a very pretty picture. That I should have plated it up or something. There is a reason I often take pictures of the food still in the cooking dish. I do it so you can see how the food should look finished, sauce and all, and so you can see how it REALLY looks not how I want it to look. I often cook food from a recipe and stare at the finished product in the pan and say, that can't be right can it? This way you can look at yours, then look at mine and say nope thats how it really looks. So sorry for the non pretty foo foo pictures.

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kat said...

Ha my point exactly. All this food photography in cookbooks pisses me off. If I want to look at pretty pictures I get a coffee table book with pretty pics. I wanna know what the food is supposed to look like that I am making right now, the consistency etc... Huff