Perfect Beets

3 beets
Enough water to cover beets
1 tsp salt

Rinse beets and cut off ends. Cover with water and add salt. Boil covered until fork tender, about an hour. Remove beets from pan and using two forks peel the outer layer of skin off beets. Stab beets in center with a fork. Using second fork scrape the side of the beet and the skin will fall off. Slice and serve.

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Mom said...

Ok up and till now I never knew how you cooked your beets but this is how I have always done it and I went on line to check it out. I found the way my grandma taught me was right.

• When trimming, leave at least an inch of the leaf stems attached and do not remove the root. The stem and root are removed after cooking.

My grandma taught me to leave some of the top and root on that cutting it real close lets the beets bleed.

Try it next time