Grilled chicken tacos with roasted sweet peppers

My husband and I have a beautiful plasma TV in our bedroom. It is mounted on the wall and everything. Problem is, it won't turn on. You see, in order for it to turn on my dad had to run electricity to it. I've been begging him to do it, and finally we cut a deal. He would make my TV work if I made him dinner. Cool right? WRONG! My parents like to eat healthy, organic food, which is easy until you start getting into the low calorie and low fat meals. Oy. Oh yeah, my husband also had to like it and find it flavorful, and my son had to eat it too. Shit. Here is what I came up with on a whim.

I picked up some good organic chicken, fresh tomatoes, and all the stuff for a good pico de gallo. Instead of using a jalapeno this time I grabbed a red Fresno so it would have a sweeter flavor. While I was buying the pepper I looked up and saw some gorgeous sweet peppers. I couldn't resist and tossed them in the cart. Then I saw the corn and thought, ooo a nice Spanish rice. I grabbed some black beans for me and away I went. I'll post this in two recipes, the chicken tacos, and then the rice.

Grilled chicken tacos

2 lbs boneless skinless chicken
1 tbsp ground coriander seed
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1 lemon
1 lime
1 shallot sliced into 1/8" rings
1/2 cup olive oil
fresh cilantro chopped
2 green onions 1/2" diced
1 tsp balsamic vinegar

Roasted sweet peppers
8-9 sweet peppers diced into rings
1 tbsp olive oil
pinch salt & pepper
1 tsp ground coriander seed

In large bowl combine all of the above ingredients reserving chicken.
Whisk until fully combined. Place half the marinade in the bottom of a large dish. Add chicken and cover with remaining marinade. Using tongs coat chicken, cover and marinate for at least an hour. I left mine in the fridge for about 5 hours.

Preheat grill to low. Remove chicken from refrigerator and place on grill. Because of the balsamic  you want to grill on low so the chicken doesn't burn. This way the it can get a nice caramel color. So low and slow, and patience grasshopper.

While chicken is cooking, toss together ingredients for sweet peppers. Place them on foil and put them at the back of the grill, or if you have a lid rack place them up there. Allow them to roast until chicken is done.

Flip chicken once and remove when it is cooked through. Allow chicken to rest and then cut it into 1" pieces.

Serve on corn tortillas with fresh salsa and sliced avocado. Top with sweet peppers and enjoy.

My beautiful organic finds. Do you know how much it drives me nuts I didn't take the stickers off the tomatoes first.

I love coriander. It is my most favorite spice. Next time you are feeling sad, go to your spice cabinet, grab some of this and inhale. I shit you not INSTANT HAPPINESS! I took a cooking class this weekend and when the instructor said she sometimes wanted to dab a little behind her ears like perfume I felt like shouting "me too sister ME TOO!"

Cumin is a good spicy scent. I like it, but in small quantities. I like it to be an undertone in a dish not the shining star.

Add in some pepper. No I didn't fresh grind it...call the food cops on me.

Good kosher salt

I only used half the lemon because this one was soooo juicy.
This little fucker had hardly any juice. I would have liked to have two limes but instead I gouged the inside of the lime so I could get as much pulp as I could into it.

This was a pretty large shallot so I only used half of it. I didn't want it to overpower the marinade.

Drizzle in some good olive oil

And add some cilantro. I used to hate cilantro. Then, I started using it more, and lo I love the shit now. I can't be live how much flavor it adds. I can't eat pico de gallo with out it now. It is an acquired taste. Kinda like wine. One day you hate it and the next day you find yourself alone in your room with a bottle of the good stuff.

I like a nice aged balsamic. You don't have to buy anything too pricey but please don't go buy some 1 year old bullshit that is going to be bitter and taste like garbage. I invested in one really nice bottle of balsamic aged 25 years and it doesn't take much to add a bold rich taste to your meals.
The sweetest sweet peppers ever

Yeah so. I got my gorgeous red fresno pepper home for my salsa and look

Thank Gosh I had a back up pepper. Oh sweet pico de gallo goodness. Bring me some chips and a bowl of this and leave me alone don't talk to me I'm eating.

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Anonymous said...

They were so good and I loved the rice. We both had it for lunch the next day.