I'm looking for some new recipes. So I want to hear yours. Here is what I want. I want one chicken and one rib recipe. They need to be your recipes not something from a book or magazine. Try to keep it under 10 ingredients so it can be posted here. I will cook the winning two recipes and post the recipe and pics on here. Then I will announce the winners and mail them a little something something.

Lets see. My husband loves spice. Not so spicy your lips tingle but spicy enough that he sweats!
However, unspicy recipes are good also because then my kid can eat em.


Must utilize chicken thighs, bone in or out.
Pouring ketchup on chicken and baking it IS NOT A RECIPE!
No beans or cous cous as my husband will NOT eat it.
Bonus points if there is a vegetarian alternative.

I am using pork spare ribs
Crockpots, grills and ovens are all up for grabs so give it your best shot
No sesame oil, husband hates it
Pouring soda and or ketchup over ribs IS NOT A RECIPE!

So have at it. I will send you some home made goodies when you win (along with a little something else). You have until the 31st to enter. Sunday or Monday of next week I will make the recipe and Wednesday I will post and announce the winner.



Christina said...

Ok so I kinda don' go from scratch for my kids favorite chicken.
I use Teryaki shake and bake and whatever chicken you want.

Instead of coating the chicken(it is a glaze) I mix it up with enough water to coat the chicken then bake I serve with rice and whatever veggie on hand (asparagus is my favrite)

Now when M couldn't eat meat I would make the glaze then pour some on her tofu (I would use extra firm) now for G as she has dyspagia I use softer tofu as chicken and her throat don't mix.

As for pork will have to get back to you on that one.

Not So Perfect said...

Ah...I thought this was going to be easy. I didn't know I was going to have to think.

lucinda! said...

with chicken, i love making taquitos or tacos. you could use the thigh meat for that . im sure you already have some recipes for this though. i also love to make teryaki chicken ( cut up poured over rice) from pinapple juice, soy sauce, peppers, onions and some garlic.
as for pork ribs the best i got is baked, with bbq sauce, brown sugar, onions and garlic. bake till it falls apart then serve it like a pulled pork sammich! oh man this is making me hungry. you could most likely do this in the crock pot.just throw the onions down first, then the meat and sauce. hope this helps. and good luck .